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Join our Brand New Reishit Alumni Group on Facebook!

What do you get when you put 20 years of amazing memories, over 2,000 Talmidim, and Facebook together?  That's right, it was only a matter of time before a Reishit Almuni Group was ...

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Lag Ba'Omer Highlights

We have been busy as usual here over Lag Ba'Omer and beyond. Although the learning is in full force, the special programming schedule is jam packed as well. From the Tsfat Shabbaton to a ...

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Save the Date

Save the Date Reishit Annual Dinner "Entering our Third Decade" Wednesday, June 17 At the Museum of Jewish Heritage Guests of Honor David & Lisa Goldberg, ...

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Yom Hazikaron - Yeshiva Siyum Shas Mishnayos

The yeshiva has embarked on a new project this year in memory of the fallen soldiers and terror victims. The entire yeshiva will be learning all of Shas Mishnayos together. We will be ...

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Pre-Purim Alumni Shiur

We are excited to invite all alumni to a special Pre-Purim alumni shiur by Rav Chaim Marcus this Tuesday night, March 3, at 8 PM at the home of Yitzy and Terri Karasick, 75 ...

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Dinner 2015 - Details & RSVP

New Tzedaka Opportunity

Learn more about dedication options at Reishit.

  • Thursday May 21 2015 - Danny & Jennifer Stern -Mussar/Mishmar Upgrade - L'iluy Nishmat - Chaim Alter Yitzchak ben Shmuel
  • Tuesday May 11 2015 -Motti & Shoshi Vegh - All Day Learning and breakfast - L'iluy Nishmat Avraham Alter Vegh
  • Thursday April 30 2015 - Nigel & Dahlia Shaffer - Thursday Night Mussar/Mishmar - לעילוי נשמת מרדכי בן נחמיה
  • Wednesday April 22 - Warren & Esther Levie - Yom Hazikaron Memorial Program - l'iluy nishmat Paul Levie, and Chana & Moshe Podolski, & in honor of their son, Benzion ('12-'13) who recently served in the IDF.
  • Sunday April 19 2015 -The Levi Family Silver Spring, MD - All Day Learning - לרפואת יהודית בת רשה
  • Thursday April 16 2015 - Jamie & Marc Srolovits - All Day Learning - לרפואת צבי דב בן פריוה
  • Thursday March 12 2015 -Matthew Segal - Thursday night Mussar/Mishmar - In memory of His grandfather חיים בן אברהם הלוי ז "ל
  • Thursday March 12 - Jay Kislak ('06-'08) & Avi Weg ('07-'09) - All day learning - Refuah Sheleima for Ruchama Chava Aliza bas Leah Devorah
  • Sunday March 8 - Marsha and Jay Shulman - All day of learning - Yartzeit of Sonia Krul, Shayna Charna bas Gedaliah - 17 Adar
  • Thursday February 19 - Marc & Paula Bruh - Thursday night Mussar/Mishmar -רייזל בת בצלאל לעילוי נשמת
  • Thursday February 12 - Josh (07-09) & Alana Kirschner and Zach Kirschner (13-15) - Thursday night Mussar/Mishmar - לעילוי נשמת הרב מרדכי בן יוסף
  • Thursday February 12 - Carol & Ian Ratner - All Day Learning - לעילוי נשמת Bram Ratner
  • Sunday February 1 -Zalmy & Etty Zimmerman - All Day Leaning - לעילוי נשמת שלמה אריה בן שמואל
  • Motzie Shabbos January 17 -Neal & Tali Wigod Melaveh Malka - In Honor of Rav & Rebbetzin Landau
  • Thursday January 29 2015- Joe ('00-'01, Madrich '04-'05) and Daena Greene - Thursday night Mussar/Mishmar in honor of the birth of their daughter Hannah Pearl & לעילוי נשמת משה רפאל בן יהושע, ברוך בן שלמה יוסף
  • Tuesday January 20 2015 - Carol & Ian Ratner - All day Learning - In Honor of Leo Ratner's 80th birthday
  • Thursday January 15 2015 - Benji & Daniella Hoffer - Thursday night Mussar/Mishmar - l'iluy nishmas Daniella's aunt, Lea Hain and Benji's uncle, Marty Lee
  • Thursday January 8 2015 - Anonymous - Thursday Night Mussar/Mishmar - Refuah Shelemah for Sara Miriam Bat Shifra
  • Thursday January 1 2015 - Michael, Johnny, and the whole Kluger Mispacha - Thursday night Mussar/Mishmar - L'Iluy Nishmat Mechael Ben Binyamin
  • Sunday January 4th 2015 - Rabbi Marc and Jackie Mandel - All Day Leaning - לעילוי נשמת אברהם יהודה בן מאניס
  • Monday December 29 2014 - Jason and Reena Bloom - All Day Leaning - in commemoration of the Shloshim of Yosef Ben Hachaver Menachem Ha Levi A"H
  • Thursday December 25
    - Daniel & Miriam Hill - Thursday Night Mishmar - In honor of the birth & bris of their son, Ezra Calev & Refuah Shelama for Yisrael ben Mirel
  • Thursday December 18
    - Daniel & Miriam Hill - All day learning - In honor of the birth & bris of their son
  • Wednesday December 17
    -Howard & Beverly Feldman - Annual Chanukah carnival with orphans - In memory of the Har Nof terror victims
  • Wednesday December 3
    - Mr Jacques Semmelman - All day learning לעילוי נשמת דוד בן יהודה אריה הלוי
  • Tuesday November 25
    - Chaim & Alison Basch – All day learning לרפואת שלמה הרצל בן אקע
  • Monday, November 24th
    -Joseph & Esty Edell – All day leaningלעילוי נשמת אהרון מיכל בן חיים מאיר
  • Sunday November 23
    - Anonymous – All day learning לעילוי נשמת רוחמה בת צבי עוזר
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Mazal Tovs

Rabbi Adam ('06-'08) & Sigal Offman on the birth of a baby boy

Avi Lichtman ('07-'09) on his engagement to Eliza Herskowitz 

Yaakov (Madrich '09-'10) & Rachelli Lehman on the birth of a baby boy

Benjy & Elana Burnat on the birth of a baby girl

Aaron ('97-'98) & Jennifer Hoffer on the birth of a baby boy

Daniel Eisenberg ('08-'10) on his marriage to Nava Kaniel 

Sammy Rosenzweig ('08-'10) on his engagement to Dara Shulman

Tani ('06-'08) & Daniella Guterman on the birth of their son, Yochanan Baruch (Choni)

Paul ('99-'00) & Shana Kalman on the birth of a baby boy 

Andrew Turk ('09-'11) on his engagement to Tamar Singer

Jamie ('96-'97) & P'nina Seplowitz on the Bar- Mitzvah of their son, Ezra 

Yaakov ('02-'04) & Leora Shafran on the birth of a baby boy

Shimmy Goldstein ('09-'11) on his marriage to Rena Ovitsh

Josh ('08-'10) & Liat Hill on the birth of a baby boy 

Yoni Hochbaum ('02-'03) on his engagement to Anna Czinn

Eytan ('02-'03) & Michelle Burstein on the birth of their son, Akiva Dov

Adam ('05-'06) & Alex Goldblatt on the birth of a baby boy

Jeff ('08-'10) & Rebecca Shelly on the birth of a baby boy

Boaz ('94-'95) & Danielle Berkowitz on the birth of their son, Rafi Baruch

Daniel Eisenberg ('08-'10) on his engagement to Nava Kaniel

Rav Dovid ('02-'03) & Rina Weinberg on the birth of a baby boy

Rafi Agalar ('06-'08) on his engagement to Daniella Cabessa

Ron Hirschhorn ('08-'09) on his engagement to Emily Feldman

Matt Lempel ('08-'10) on his engagement to Elisheva Wrubel

Sonny Esses ('10-'11) on his engagment to Gabriella Sabbagh

Aaron Sieratzki ('07-'09) on his marriage to Zahava Wasserman

Yoel Hubert ('07-'08) on his engagement to Jen Fisher

Danny ('04-'05) and Esther Herskowitz on the birth of a baby girl

Zvi ('03-'04) & Danit Goldgrab on the birth of a baby boy 

Binyamin Frager ('10-'12) on his marriage Sharon Franko

Jason ('06-'07) & Julie Eisenberg on the birth of a baby boy

Yehuda Loewenstein (05'-06') on his engagement to Bracha Kellerman

Ari Ackerman ('07-'09) on his engagement to Daniella Kotowitz 

Rav Ezra & Esti Herschberg (Av Bayit emeritus) on the birth of a baby girl

Doni ('08-'10) & Miriam Matis on the birth of a baby boy

Shimmy Goldstein ('09-'11) on his engagement to Rena Ovitsh

Jason ('00-'01) & Ruchi Osofsky on the birth of their son, Yeshayahu Yitzchok

Zachary ('09-'10) & Davida Schlessel on the birth of their daughter, Sima Chaya

Ethan Stadtmauer ('11-'12) on his engagement to Johanna Bitton 

Rav Eytan ('04-'06) & Allie London on the birth of their son, Yosef Shalom 

Rafi Silverman ('04-'06) on his marriage to Deborah Brody

Daniel ('04-'05) & Taryn Fiskus on the birth of their daughter, Caroline Rose

Jeremy Prawer ('08-'10) on his engagement to Ashley Decter

Joshua Mawhirter ('08-'10) on his engagement to Ally Bohen

Daniel ('05-'06) & Miriam Hill on the birth of their son, Ezra Calev

Solly Garber ('08-'09) on his marriage to Zahava Bar-David

Eli Sipzner ('08-'09) on his engagement to Lisa Heller

Gavriel Stark ('12-'13) on his engagement to Ariella Fersht 

Shmoozy Weinstein ('09-'11) on his marriage to Stephanie Greenberg

Corey Fersel ('08-'09) on his engagement to Dara Gold

Eli Weintraub ('09-'10) on his marriage to Tali Kurnick

Michael Hurtes ('09-'11, Madrich '11-'12) on his marriage to Dassie Goldman

Aaron Zuckerman ('11-'13) on his marriage to Amy Weiss

Joe ('00-'01, Madrich '04-'05) & Daena Greene on the birth of their daughter, Hannah Pearl

David ('03-'05) & Robyn Rackman on the birth of a baby boy

Yitzchak Mendlowitz ('11-'12) on his engagement to Gabriella Fadlun

Ben ('08-'09) & Tamar Blumenthal on the birth of a baby boy

Jonathan ('99-'00) & Aliza Neuhof on the birth of a baby boy

Elan Nat ('04-'06) on his marriage to Chevy Rubenstein

David ('04-'05) & Pamela Ness on the birth of their son, Tzvi Yair 

Andrew ('08-'09) & Bailey Stein on the birth of a baby girl

Chaim ('05-'07) & Alison Basch on the birth of a baby boy

Etan ('08-'10) & Sara Israel on the birth of their daughter, Kayla Chaya

Eli ('07-'09) & Malka Zimmer on the birth of a baby girl

Eli Massihesraelian ('08-'09) on his marriage to Orna Levihaym 

Rav & Rebbetzin Soloveitchik on the marriage of their daughter

Rav Yaakov ('94-'96) & Sara Grossman on the Bar Mitzvah of their son

Yisrael Yeshaya ('98-'00) & Sora Lunzer on the birth of their daughter, Chana Leah

Martin ('99-'00) & Daphna Galla on the birth of a baby boy 

Josh Rosenwald ('08-'09) on his engagement to Leora Englard

Shimon Zlotnick ('00-'01) on his engagement to Tal Shalom 

Josh Kirschner ('07-'09) on his marriage to Alana Reich

Sholom Hammer ('09-'11) on his marriage to Rivki Gold 

Elie ('05-'06) & Jennifer Schmukler on the birth of their daughter, Ayelet Esther 

Jason Reiz ('08-'09) on his engagement to Jessica Seidman 

Sender Russell (madrich) on his engagement to Rivka Perlman

Shmoozy Weinstein ('09-'11) on his engagement to Stephanie Greenberg

Eli Curt Fuld ('08-'09) on his marriage to Chanee Yurowitz

David Schwartz ('08-'10) on his marriage to Aliza Saltzburg 

Mark Kandelman ('02-'03) on his marriage to Tiffy Kraft

Aaron Zuckerman ('11-'13) on his engagement to Amy Weiss 

Michael Hurtes ('09-'11, madrich '11-'12) on his engagement to Dassie Goldman 

Rav Rafi Klein ('03-'04, madrich '08-'09) on his engagement to Shoshi Kellogg

David Prince ('09-'11) on his marriage to Alyssa Spira

Michael Rosenzweig ('07-'08) on his marriage to Rachel Wagner

Jonny Daniel ('09-'10) on his marriage to Emily Alon

Yosef Reichert on his marriage to Elisheva Herrmann

Michael Franklin ('07-'08) on his engagement to Liana Beer

Sholom Hammer ('09-'11) on his engagement to Rivki Gold 

Jordan Slotnick ('08-'10) on his engagement to Gabriella Spivak

Rav Avi & Estie Fertig on the birth of a baby boy

Eli Massihesraelian ('08-'09) on his engagement to Orna Levihaym 

Dovid Tradburks ('10-'11) on his marriage to Arielle Kestenbaum  

Shalom Glas ('08-'10) on his marriage to Shira Bush

Daniel Reich ('09-'11) on his marriage to Brooke Abrams

Mark Kandelman ('02-'03) on his engagement to Tiferet Kraft

Rafi Silverman ('04-'06) on his engagement to Deborah Brody 

Solly Garber ('08-'09) on his engagement to Zahava Bar-David

Eli Curt Fuld ('08-'09) on his engagement to Chanee Yurowitz

Adam ('94-'95) & Shira Katz on the birth of a baby boy

Josh ('99-'00) & Miryam Smilow on the bris of their son, Levi Yitzchak

Elan Nat ('04-'06) on his engagement to Chevy Rubenstein

Rav Chayim & Rebbetzin Soloveichik on the engagement of their daughter

Danny Lebowitz ('11-'13) on his marriage to Valery Galakchieva

Gil Maman ('08-'09) on his marriage to Daniella Blisko

David Prince ('09-'11) on his engagement to Alyssa Spira

Yaakov Hubert ('09-'10) on his marriage to Tali Scolnik

David Schwartz ('08-'10) on his engagement to Aliza Saltzburg 

Aryeh Wizman ('08-'09) on his marriage to Ilana Wiesenfeld 

Mikey Mitnick ('06-'08) on his marriage to Jessica Wernick

Baruch ('01-'02) & Limor Landa on the birth of their son, Dovid 

Avi ('97-'98) & Faygie Scneider on the birth of a baby boy

Gedalia Romanoff ('09-'10) on his marriage to Jennifer Freiman 

Louis Ancelson ('09-'11) on the engagement to Perri Rosenthal

Josh ('03-'04) & Liora Liggett on the birth of their daughter, Miriam Shoshana

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