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Golan Tiyul 5776

The Golan Tiyul was an action packed two day trip of extreme sports and fun. We started with repelling in a private spot that is usually only reserved for top army units. We then drove to ...

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Register for Poland Trip

November 2015 / Cheshvan 5776 Dear Parents and Alumni, For the past Five years, Reishit has been arranging an exciting and independent trip to Poland. We are excited to announce this ...

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Eilat Tiyul 5776

We had an incredible time on the Eilat Tiyul. Ice Skating in the Ice Mall, hiking, snorkeling, and water sports were a few of the many activities from this jam packed trip. It was a great ...

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Special Mishmar B'Zchut Shalom HaMedina

In response to the current events in Israel, and at the request of our Reishit Family, we decided to dedicate a special late night Mishmar for Sholom HaMedina – a zchus for a Refuah ...

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Rav Benovitz in NYU

We are happy to invite all alumni to special shiur by Rav Benovitz, this Wednesday night, October 14, 9 PM, at NYU, in the Bronfman center.  Don't miss this special event!

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  • Thursday November 5, Alana and Larry Shepetofsky & family - All day learning - לרפואת חיים דניאל בן שרה רייזל - Grandfather of Reishit student Jordan Shepetofsky
  • Wednesday November 4, Eli & Orna Massihesraelian - All day learning - לרפואת רפאל רחמים בן הדסה
  • Wednesday November 4, Steven and Michelle Farbman - All day learning - לעילוי נשמת רוחמה בת צבי עוזר
  • Tuesday November 3, Dr. Mark & Judy Tannenbaum - All day learning - לעילוי נשמת הרב יעקב בן שמואל - Grandfather of Shmuli “SJ” Tannenbaum, Yechiel Tannenbaum, Ben Pianko, Josh Pianko & Aryeh Pianko - All proud students and alumni of Reishit
  • Sunday November 1, Daniel Strashun - All day learning - לעילוי נשמת יצחק יוסף בן ניסן
  • Thursday October 29, The Fuchs Family - Mussar & Mishmar lily nishmat Moshe Yisroel Ben chAim Dovid HaLevi
  • Thursday, October 22, Special Mussar and Mishmar - Refuah shleimah for all of those injured in recent terror attacks and for shalom hamidinah - Esther and Joe Schwartz, Jennifer and Seth Leavitt,Sharon and Gary Rubin, Mitchell and Susan Markowitz, Judy and David Lazarous, Debbie and Raz Haramati, Lee and Sara Gherman, Rav Scotty and Dina Friedman, Rav Eytan and Allie London, Ari and Rebbeca Ashkenas
  • Wednesday, October 14, Shimon & Sarah Indig - All Day Learning - For a refua shleima for Doniel Ben-tzion ben Sara Henna
  • Wednesday, September 23,Yaacov & Aliza Apfelbaum -Shiur Yom Kippor night - In memory of our dear friend Henuch Binyamin Ben Yechiel Aharon HaLevi
  • Sunday, September 20, The Galla and Moros families -All day learning - In honor & appreciation of the great Rabbeim at Reishit
  • Thursday, September 17, Daniel & Miriam Hill - Mussar & Mishmar - l'iluy nishmas Masha Nechama bas Noach Meir HaLevi whose 7th yahrtzeit is this upcoming Shabbos, Vav Tishrei
  • Sunday September 14, Rapps Family - Rosh hashana tisch - In honor of the awesome Rabbiem at Reishit who truly love their Talmidim.
  • Friday, September 11,Israel & Cindy Wiesel - Friday morning Parsha Shiur - לע"נ אריה בן דוד הלוי
  • Thursday, September 10,Yehuda & Miriam Dubin - Yom Chessed - Refuah shelama for Zvi Yerachmael Ben Sheindel
  • Thursday, September 10, Davidman Family - Mussar & Mishmar - לע"נ משה יצחק בן שמואל צבי הלוי
  • Wednesday, September 9 - Daniel & Lauren Krul - All day learning - in honor of the shanna bet students that made the decision to dedicate more time to learning Torah in Israel. There continued commitment to Torah learning is an inspiration.
  • Tuesday September 8, Jay & Nechama Kislak - All day learning - In honor of the great Rabbiem in Yeshiva
  • Wednesday, September 2, Marsha & Jay Shulman - All day learning - To commemorate the Yartzeit of Yaakov Shlomo ben Chaim Baer
  • Monday, August 31, Jakey & Dahlia Berman - All day learning - To give gratitude to HaSh-m & thanks to Reishit for everything
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Mazal Tovs

Corey Turk ('11-'12) on his marriage to Gemma Levart 

Rashie on the birth of a grandson to Miriam and Avi Stiefel

Jeremy Bloom ('09-'11) on his engagement to Michelle Willinger

Jason ('06-'08) and Reena Bloom on the birth of their daughter, Roslyn Maya

David Jasphy ('08-'10) on his engagement to Sarena Isakow

Sammy Apple ('11-'12) on his marriage to Joella Goodman

Aryeh Isaacs ('12-'14) on his engagement Tehila Feinberg

Dovi Orlofsky ('11-'13) on his engagement to Jordyn Wasserman

Nafi (Madrich, '10-'11) & Tali Orlofsky on the birth of a baby boy

Brian ('07-'09) & Evie Hoenig on the birth of a baby girl

Yoel Hubert ('07-'08) on his marriage to Jen Fisher

Joshua Mawhirter ('08-'10) on his marriage to Ally Bohen

Mikey ('06-'08) & Jessica Mitnick on the birth of a girl

Yitzy ('10-'12) & Aliza Fuld on the birth of a baby girl 

Sammy Rosenzweig ('08-'10) on his marriage to Dara Shulman

Nati Weiss ('05-'07) on his marriage to Kayla Cohen

David ('96-'97) & Elana Aminoff on the birth of a baby girl

Yehuda ('00-'01) & Naomi Kohn on the birth of a baby boy

Josh Eisenberg ('11-'13) on his engagement to Ziva Rosen

Eli ('07-'09) & Stephanie Skoczylas on the birth of their son, Yaakov Gavriel

Steven ('08-'09) & Aryana Ritholtz on the birth of a baby boy

Rav Elie & Dvora Marcus on the Bar Mitzvah of their twins, Levi & Yehuda

Rav Yosef & Ilana Bronfeld on the Bat Mitzvah of their daughter, Sarah

Rav Judah & Ora Mischel on the birth of twins, girl & boy

Josh Goldstein ('09-'11) on his engagement to Nataly Cohen

Justin ('03-'04) & Ricky Hirmes on the birth of their daughter, Leeba

Shammai ('95-'97) & Tamar Ellman on the bar mitzvah of their son, Dovi

Rav Tzachi ('01-'03) & Shira Diamond on the birth of a baby boy 

Sender (madrich '12-'13) & Rivka Russell on the birth of a baby boy 

Benjamin ('03-'04) & Eliza Dach on the birth of their son, Efraim Shmuel

Nick Sandlow ('09-'10) on his engagement to Alicia Silver

Rav Jason ('96-'98) & Bruria Rozen on the birth of a baby boy

Neal ('07-'08) & Tali Wigod on the birth of a baby boy

Yoni Hochbaum ('02-'03) on his marriage to Anna Czinn

David Frankel ('10-'11) on his engagement to Leah Goodman

Rav & Rebbetzin Landau on the birth of a grandson to Yaakov & Sarala

Rafi Leicht ('05-'07) on his engagement to Ariella Polakoff

Justin ('05-'07) & Shaindy Diller on the birth of a baby girl

Ethan Stadtmauer ('11-'12) on his marriage to Johanna Bitton

Avi Lichtman ('07-'09) on his marriage to Eliza Herskowitz

Avidan ('03-'04) & Jessica Bienenfeld on the birth of their daughter, Sarah Leah

Corey Fersel ('08-'09) on his marriage to Dara Gold

Daniel ('09-'11) & Brooke Reich on the birth of their daughter, Leeba Avigail

Jordan Slotnick ('08-'10) on his marriage to Gabriella Spivak

Jon ('98-'99) and Jenny Katz on the birth of their daughter, Daniella Tziona

Yosef ('02-'03) & Chani Newman on the birth of their daughter, Nechama Tova

Jon Rosenberg ('11-'13) on his marriage to Daniella Steinreich

Rav Rafi ('03-'04, Madrich '08-'09) & Shoshi Klein on the birth & bris of their son

Brian Jungreis ('07-'08) on his marriage to Jacquelyn Roslyn

Andrew Turk ('09-'11) on his marriage to Tamar Singer

Rashie on the marriage of her granddaughter, Beruriah Vazana, to Ophir Daniel

Judah Guttman ('10-'11) on his marriage to Leah Klapisch

Yitzchak Mendlowitz ('11-'12) on his marriage to Gabriella Fadlun

Effie ('02-'04) and Rena Zlotnick on the birth of a baby boy.

Nati Weiss ('05-'07) on his engagement to Kayla Cohen

David ('08-'09) & Elana Bondy on the birth of their daughter, Safira Esther

David ('09-'11) & Alyssa Prince on the birth of a baby girl 

Ariel and Ronit Kotler on the birth of their daughter, Shira 

Craig ('05-'07) & Merissa Shapiro on the birth of their daughter, Ayalah Blima 

Matt Lempel ('08-'10) on his marriage to Elisheva Wrubel

Yitzy Jacobowitz ('08-'10) on his engagement to Jordana Todfeld 

Judah Guttman ('10-'11) on his engagement to Leah Klapisch

Rafi Agalar ('06-'08) on his marriage to Daniella Cabessa

Rav Moish ('96-'97) & Sorah Schmerler on the birth of a baby girl

Sammy Apple ('11-'12) on his engagement to Joella Goodman

Mark Rocklin ('07-'08) on his marriage to Orly Benaderet

Ron Hirschhorn ('08-'09) on his marriage to Emily Feldman

Sonny Esses ('10-'11) on his marriage to Gabriella Sabbagh

Gavriel Stark ('12-'13) on his marriage to Ariella Fersht 

Eli Sipzner ('08-'09) on his marriage to Lisi Heller

Jeremy Prawer ('08-'10) on his marriage to Ashley Decter

Josh Wilensky (00-02) on his engagement to Deborah Lifschitz

Rav & Rebbetzin Landau on the birth of a Grandson

Avi Abadie ('06-'07) on his marriage to Julia Ohebshalom

Ari Ackerman ('07-'09) on his marriage to Daniella Kotowitz

Moshe Lifschitz ('13-'14) on his engagement to Danielle Fries 

Ari ('97-'98) & Shira Hoschander on the birth of a baby boy

Benji ('99-'01) & Daniella Hoffer on the birth of their daughter, Atara Nechama

Rav Avi ('03-'05) & Ariella Honigsfeld on the birth of twin daughters

Corey Turk ('11-'12) on his engagement to Gemma Levart 

Josh ('03-'05) & Adina Schwarz on the birth of their daughter, Avital Rena 

Jeffrey ('05-'07) & Meira Goldgrab on the birth of a baby boy

Rabbi Adam ('06-'08) & Sigal Offman on the birth of a baby boy

Avi Lichtman ('07-'09) on his engagement to Eliza Herskowitz 

Yaakov (Madrich '09-'10) & Rachelli Lehman on the birth of a baby boy

Benjy ('97-'98) & Elana Burnat on the birth of a baby girl

Aaron ('97-'98) & Jennifer Hoffer on the birth of a baby boy

Daniel Eisenberg ('08-'10) on his marriage to Nava Kaniel 

Sammy Rosenzweig ('08-'10) on his engagement to Dara Shulman

Tani ('06-'08) & Daniella Guterman on the birth of their son, Yochanan Baruch (Choni)

Paul ('99-'00) & Shana Kalman on the birth of a baby boy 

Andrew Turk ('09-'11) on his engagement to Tamar Singer

Jamie ('96-'97) & P'nina Seplowitz on the Bar- Mitzvah of their son, Ezra 

Yaakov ('02-'04) & Leora Shafran on the birth of a baby boy

Shimmy Goldstein ('09-'11) on his marriage to Rena Ovitsh

Josh ('08-'10) & Liat Hill on the birth of a baby boy 

Yoni Hochbaum ('02-'03) on his engagement to Anna Czinn

Eytan ('02-'03) & Michelle Burstein on the birth of their son, Akiva Dov

Adam ('05-'06) & Alex Goldblatt on the birth of a baby boy

Jeff ('08-'10) & Rebecca Shelly on the birth of a baby boy

Boaz ('94-'95) & Danielle Berkowitz on the birth of their son, Rafi Baruch

Rav Dovid ('02-'03) & Rina Weinberg on the birth of a baby boy

Rafi Agalar ('06-'08) on his engagement to Daniella Cabessa

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